p a r a - d o c s


Parallel Acquisition Relation Annotation DOCument System

Domino 1 1 This project is researching the transition and translation of paper records into electronic medical records.
As of 2012, there are strong mandates from the U.S. government and other World bodies to press ahead [1],
however pratical solutions do not appear to be available. [2] OpenEmr [3] is used as a test model.
Domino 1 1 The basis for interaction with the infirm has shifted from superstition interpreter,
empathetic healer, scientific practitioner, to an algorithm provider.[4][5]
Document handling must not encumber the provider with waisted time, expense, and effort.
Domino 1 1 The inflow of paper is as a chaotic deluge. A medical event is preceded and followed by
an uncertain distribution. Pages arrive en mass and trickle in over time. Despite the promise
of the electronic future, today's doctor will need to archive hundreds of pages per day.
Domino 1 1 Document quality and importance range among: critical, irrelevant, unsigned, signed,
pending, partial, duplicate, unnecessary, invaluable for legal defence,
poor visability, acceptable readabilty, confusing, and hard to decipher.
Domino 1 1 Deliberative, single technician, document by document, authoritative fileing using existing
paperless desktop gui interfaces fall short. Para-Docs allows rapid inclusion with progressive
refinement by various levels of staff and is amenable to automated filtering.
Domino 1 1 Initial scanning puts a patient identifier, scan date, and document type in the file name. A zip file
is uploaded to the server with automatic augmentation of a sequence numbers in the file name.
DocFind locates files in a date range. DocView's top frame pulls down to allow reclassification.
Domino 1 1 Files are unique so may be on a seperate drive but linked in one directory on the server's root.
A file name may be included in a note. A path plus name displays the page in a browser tab.
Files may be appended to a chart when released.
(in progress!)   Click here for a DEMO and documentation and code .

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[2] Dismantling the NHS National Programme for IT. Department of Health Media Centre, September 22, 2011. ... the National Programme for IT has not and cannot deliver to its original intent.
[3] Open Source electronic medical record. http://www.oemr.org/
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